Interested in becoming an official Route Marshal for the 2012 Tour de Biennale? We're looking for responsible people 18 years and older who can help us deliver a world-class cycling event that will make Vancouver proud!

As a registered non-profit charity, our volunteers are individuals that want to make a positive contribution to their community through art and recreation. We need 200 charismatic and dedicated people stationed throughout Vancouver and Richmond who can give us a minimum of 4 hours on August 19th, plus a few additional hours in advance for training and orientation.

Click here to send us an email with your name, phone number and a little blurb about why you want to volunteer. We'll get back to you right away with more detailed info on the various jobs and shifts available. Please encourage your friends to register with you. And just so you know, we have awesome volunteer gifts to offer as a thank you!


Zone Captain
Zone Captains will be responsible for all volunteers and equipment within their zone. Captains will attend an orientation, and will be responsible for team training, coordinating transportation, distribution of equipment and communication with Zone Marshalls. Captains will travel to zones via Biennale vehicle transport.

Zone Marshall
Marshalls report to their Zone's Captain, and will be stationed in pairs at all key intersections. Marshalls will be required to complete a route orientation. They will be stationed at identified points and will have signage and safety vests. Shifts vary in start times.

Set-Up/Take-Down and Maintenance
Pre- and post-event, you will install and dismantle signage, banners, tents, tables, chairs, may also sign up as a Set-Up/Take-Down Volunteer, to install and dismantle tents, tables, signage, banners, etc. and assist with site clean-up. If you have a vehicle, you may also sign up as a Driver to assist with equipment and materials transportation between various locations. If you wish to assist with *either* Set-Up or Take-Down, please indicate the times you're available.

Registration and Information Volunteers
Greet and check in riders, process registrations for those who have not pre-registered, ensure fees have been paid, hand out route maps and provide related information. Registration/check-in commences at 6:45AM and the event will conclude at approximately 12:30PM. You may stay for the whole time or pick a shift that suits you.

Aid/Stop-and-Go Station Coordinator
Oversee management/coordinating of ride aid stations and volunteers

Cyclist Aid/Stop-and-Go Station Volunteers
Distributing water/refreshment to riders and assisting as needed. Shifts will be minimum 3 hours long - 7:00-10AM or 9:30AM-12:30PM

Pre- and post-event, Drivers will transport VIPs, cycling teams, equipment and supplies. You may also sign up as a Set-Up/Take-Down Volunteer, to install and dismantle tents, tables, signage and banners.

Emergency Responders (with Vehicle)
In serious emergency situations, St John Ambulance, police and ambulance services will respond. For less serious situations, the Emergency Responder Volunteers will be asked to go out on a route to bring back to event headquarters, a rider who cannot complete the ride for health or bike mechanical reasons. You will be required to use your personal vehicle which should have room for 2 riders and bicycles. First Aid Certification is preferred.

Emergency Responders (Bicycle)
We’ll also require some Emergency Responder Volunteers on bicycle to assist as needed on the route. First Aid Certification is preferred.

Photographers and Videographers
Document the event at various points on the route, start and finish lines.

Social Media
Under the supervision of the Community & Media Relations Coordinator, you will post updates to Facebook and Twitter throughout the event.

Volunteer Station, QE Park
Stationed at Queen Elizabeth Park, you will direct volunteers to their stations or Zone Captains and provide information. Varying shifts, indicate your preference/availability.

Finish Line Crew
Cheer on riders as they cross the finish line! Assist as needed at the event finish line, at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Back-Up Crew
These volunteers will respond to last-minute requests or schedule changes and fill roles where there is a shortage of volunteers. Access to a vehicle is preferred.

Corporate Team Special

Register 10 for $110 each.
Offer ends August 9th

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